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Kod: ac 2141
Skala: 1:72


cena: 85.00 zł

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Fully engraved panel lines & rivet detail. Highly detailed cockpit interior & bomb bay. Optional position landing gear & bomb bay door.

The B-17E was a major re-design from the earlier B, C and D versions flown by the US Army Air Force. Its entire tail section was changed from the delicate looking tail rudder to a long dorsal fin over a two-gun stinger turret in the rear. Additionally, the "E" received a two-gun power turret on top behind the cockpit and a remote controlled belly turret. For the first time, the B-17 could be called a Flying Fortress with its eight. 050 caliber guns. Purchased in large numbers by the RAF, it was quickly discovered that the eight machine guns were insufficient to defend against fighter attacks over the Continent. The "E" was particularly deficient against nose-on or belly attacks. The single machine gun in the nose was not enough : the remote controlled belly turret was too slow and difficult to aim to be effective. As a result, the B-17E aircraft were mostly relegated to the Coastal Command where they served with great distinction in the anti-sub role, not having to defend themselves against the Nazi fighters.