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Kod: ac 2173
Skala: 1:72


cena: 135.00 zł

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Fully engraved panel lines. Highly Detailed cockpit interior & bomb bay Optional position landing gear & bomb bay door.

Commanded by Major Charles Sweeny, Bocks Car and its accompanying aircraft took off from Tinian Island and headed for its primary target, an arsenal in the middle of the industrial city of Kokura. Arriving over Kokura, it was determined that the bombardier could not clearly identify the target due to heavy smoke and haze. The bombardier was under strict orders not to drop the bomb by radar ; a visual approach had been mandated by General Groves. Two more atfa152ts which took about 55 minutes, were made to locate the target but to no avail. It was then decided between the weaponeer and Major Sweeny to divert to the secondary target which was Nagasaki. Arriving over Nagasaki quite low on fuel, it was determined that Bocks Car could make only one pass before it had to head back to Tinian Island. Again, clouds obscured most of the city, but at the last minute an opening revealed the target point and Captain Kermit Beahan dropped the bomb visually at 11:58. Fat Boy, with the power of 21 kilotons of Dynamite exploded 1850 feet above the Mitsubishi Arms and Steel Works, which ironically, was the factory that produced the torpedoes used at Pearl Harbor. The combined effect of the two atomic bombs was enough to convince the Japanese High Command that the time had come to accept unconditional surrender. It is estimated that had the atomic bombs not ended the Pacific War, it would have cost hundreds of thousands of Allied and Japanese casualties to invade and defeat Japan.