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Kod: ac 2142
Skala: 1:72


cena: 85.00 zł

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Fully engraved panel lines & rivet detail. Highly detailed cockpit interior & bomb bay. Optional position landing gear & bomb bay door.

The B-17F was developed from the experience gained with the "E" model which was flown extensively by the RAF Coastal Command. When the RAF first received the "E" models, it was quickly discovered that it was lacking sufficient defensive armament required for penetration into Europe. The B-17F received additional nose armament and a manually operated ball-turret in the belly. Its appearance was changed with the addition of a clear Plexiglas nose canopy, paddle-bladed propellers and slightly different engine cowlings to accommodate the new propellers. With these changes, the "F" was slower, but much better armed against fighter attack. Capable of carrying up to 8,000 pounds of bombs if the external bomb racks were used, the B-17F Flying Fortress contributed heavily to the destruction of Germany's industrial production. Built by Boeing, Douglas, and Vega, a total of 3,405 B-17F models were completed before production shifted to the "G" model.